What is Web Hosting? – Beginners Guide to Hosting

Web Hosting Explanied

In this post I will quickly explain what web hosting is.

Web hosting is the online service that provides space for websites. Without web hosting, it’s impossible to have a website created, as each website needs an area of space to be set up within.

How Does Hosting Work?

Your website would be stored on a server which is located in a datacentre, connected to high speed internet 24×7.

That way your website can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world.

When your website address is searched on Google or on another search engine, the internet connects them to the server that holds your website and its files and data, allowing them to browse your website and its content.

As part of running a successful website, those servers and software need to be properly maintained and managed, which is where website hosting companies come in. Not only does a website hosting company offer space for a website, but they also ensure that the website continues to function properly by giving an uptime guarantee.

How Do I Buy a Web Hosting Service?

You need to find a web hosting provider that can offer professional hosting services.

Make sure they are a reputable company that offers good tech support.

At WizzHosting we offer great value hosting plans with 24x7x365 support via online chat, phone and email.

Our customers love the instant chat support.

What Do I need in Order to Get a Website Up and Running?

In order to get a website up and running you will need:

  • A domain name
  • A web hosting service
  • Website Builder Tool or a Web Designer that will build your website.

Domain names 

A domain name is a crucial part of building a website, as it’s this that allows your website to be found on the internet. Think of your website’s domain name like your internet address; it tells people how to find your website.  All they have to do is search your domain and then your website should pop up. Bearing this in mind, it’s worthwhile picking a domain name that is easy to remember.

A lot of people presume that domains are expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can purchase domain names at really affordable prices, A one off annual payment and you have your domain; it’s as simple as that.

Web hosting

There are different types of web hosting. The option that you choose depends on your requirements.

If you are starting out and you just need a small website then a shared hosting plan would be more than enough and would also keep the costs low.

If you are looking to resell hosting then a reseller web hosting plan or a VPS would be the smartest option for you.

If you have a big site that requires lots of memory and resources you would need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Shared web hosting

This is the most popular type of hosting because it’s the cheapest, and is often the hosting type that most people start out using. Shared hosting means that one server is shared between multiple websites.

Reseller Hosting

A reseller plan is ideal if you are looking to resell web hosting to your customers.

The real advantage with a reseller package is that your customers would all have their own control panel to manage their hosting account and you as a reseller would have an admin control panel where you can create yor own hosting plans and manage all aspects of their hosting.

At WizzHosting we offer great value reseller hosting packages that come with cPanel/WHM which is the most popular web hosting control panel.

VPS – Cloud hosting

A VPS is a cloud hosting solution, is the middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. It still means sharing the physical servers, but virtual technology separates up the server, meaning that each site has its own section and resources, just like a dedicated server.

It is a great option if you have outgrown your shared hosting and you need more space, memory and security.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you a server to yourself and all the resources that come with it. It’s the most expensive hosting option, but if you are serious about having a website that runs fast and rarely goes down, this is a good option to consider.

Wondering which is the best option? Think about your budget and website’s needs, and determine which is the best choice for you.

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