What is Reseller Hosting? – Quick Guide

Reseller hosting guide

Many entrepreneurs are expanding their operations to include Internet services to their customers.

Examples include web and graphic design agencies, small business startup consultancies, and even property developers. There is no denying that the Internet offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses and other organisations alike.

However, one thing that many new startups and established firms struggle with is setting up their websites. Instead, they prefer to turn to providers that offer a one-stop-shop solution for their needs. With that in mind, more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the lucrative reseller hosting niche market.

But, what exactly is reseller hosting, and how is it a good way to increase revenue for your enterprise? This handy article explains everything you need to know about reseller hosting and how you can use it to your advantage.

How reseller hosting works

There are many types of businesses that want to offer web hosting to their clients. The trouble is, they don’t want to invest in the hardware or human resources needed to set up a standard hosting company.

Reseller hosting is perfect for such scenarios because it allows entrepreneurs to repackage a hosting company’s existing services and “white label” them to their own customers. The beauty of reseller hosting is that resellers are the sole point of contact from a hosting perspective. There is no third-party communication from the hosting provider to the reseller’s customers.

Hosting resellers have the power to curate specific hosting packages to best meet the needs of their clients. For instance, if their customers require plenty of disk space for database storage, resellers can develop hosting plans with that requirement in mind. Or should their clients only need email access and don’t yet have a website, an email-only hosting plan can get offered.

Another advantage of reseller hosting is that each package and solution can get branded according to the reseller’s specifications. Their customers don’t need to know that another company is supplying their storage and connectivity solutions.

What are the main benefits of reselling versus referring?

If an entrepreneur just referred their clients to hosting companies, they end up losing out on a potential source of revenue. Many businesses and digital services providers find that offering hosting services can generate an almost passive income for their firms.

When setting up a reseller hosting account, there is no need to get concerned about the management of their server. That’s because the company offering the reseller hosting manages all the “backend” technical side of things. All resellers need to worry about is creating and allocating hosting accounts for their clients. And, of course, billing them for services rendered!

Whenever there are any technical queries raised by clients, the resellers can resolve the problem for them or ask the company offering the reseller hosting to assist. Hosts that offer reseller hosting typically provide round-the-clock technical support, and in a way that is what resellers can offer to their clients as well.

It’s also far cheaper to use reseller hosting services than to procure a data center, server hardware, and the staff required to manage everything. In fact, reseller hosting is an affordable and attractive option to even entrepreneurs with little capital to invest in their businesses.

The prices that resellers can charge to their clients will more than cover reseller hosting fees, resulting in a lucrative ongoing income for them.

Is reseller hosting a scalable option?

When a business or organisation sets up reseller hosting, they can do so with the peace of mind knowing they can scale up (or down) their needs at any time. So, as a business grows, entrepreneurs can request more disk space and bandwidth allocation to offer their clients.

Some business leaders provide a full hosting solution, giving their customers the impression they are a regular host! Reseller hosting makes it easy to provide all kinds of hosting services, whether as an added-value feature of an existing service or as a core offering.

Will clients ever know that their hosting is provided by a third party?

Not unless they get told by you! Resellers can even use their own name servers in many cases, so if someone were to examine a domain’s DNS records, it would be hard to trace the source reseller hosting provider.

Reseller hosting accounts are white label solutions. That gives entrepreneurs the ability to brand each service as if it were provided solely by them.

What kinds of features can one expect from reseller hosting?

Aside from a stable and reliable hosting platform, resellers can enjoy a wealth of benefits such as:

  • WHM and cPanel account control panels;
  • Free one-click software solutions for accounts (such as WooCommerce, WordPress and Magento);
  • Full control of disk space, bandwidth, database, and email account allocations.

There are many advantages to reseller hosting, especially for entrepreneurs and digital agencies looking to add value to their existing products and services.

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