Thinking of .BIZ for your Online Business?

Guide to .biz domains

You can never place too much importance on a name. Names are what define us as an individual as well as a group, community, location or business. Nomenclature, which is the systematic approach of using names, helps to identify everything from a whole country to an individual object.

Names help us to categorise and separate things out and to differentiate one class of something from another, such as is used in the fields of science and medicine. We can use the same name sorting processes and apply it to the world of business.

Although .COM is the most popular choice of extension when it comes to choosing domain names, just about anything can be a .COM from a personal blog or food recipe site, to an information and advice website. But nothing defines an actual business website and sets it apart from everything else more than having a .BIZ extension to your domain name. It is an instantly recognisable clue that this is your business website and you are selling your goods or services from here.

Why .BIZ is good for business

In the world of domain names, choosing a .BIZ extension makes sense. There is an over-saturation of .COM businesses. This means that to stand out and be noticed for your chosen domain name, you will need something different with a fresher extension choice to avoid this saturation.

When .BIZ was created as an extension, it was welcomed with open arms from businesses and establishments wanting to choose something different from the crowd. .BIZ can convey a professional identity and can help you to gain instant status as a serious business. When you are just starting out with a new website, it is important that you build your online presence in a positive way and starting out with a .BIZ will set you off on the right foot to been seen as a serious commercial enterprise, no matter whether you are a single one-man-band or are starting up a medium or large business.

Who should choose a .BIZ name?

It doesn’t really matter what field of business you are in, having a .BIZ domain name is going to make you instantly recognisable as a business. This can help you to focus your efforts and target your customer demographics better. It will also help your customers to distinguish you from general information sites or hobby sites. Those who are intent on buying what you have to offer will visit your site specifically to buy from you when they need what you sell. Your .BIZ name shows a no-nonsense approach that customers like when they just want to buy something without having to go from site to site to find what they are looking for. This is why .BIZ is great for:

  • Businesses & Corporates
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Organisations
  • Start-ups

.BIZ is THE business domain name

When you want to tell everyone about your new business, you can let your .BIZ domain name do the talking for you. As well as being a globally recognisable domain name, it can help you to target paying customers much easier than having a regular .COM domain name.

.BIZ is still only around ten years old. This means that your preferred domain name has more chance of being available as a .BIZ rather than a .COM. Because .BIZ is aimed at businesses rather than an individual person with their own blog, it is perfect for both small to medium-sized start-ups wanting to get a head start online. It is a way to get yourself a spotlight online and puts you with other credible, well-established businesses already on the internet.

How to choose your .BIZ domain name

Firstly, you should make a list of all the keywords that best represent your business. Think of your brand image and the products or services you are going to sell. Are you planning to sell locally to your community? If so, then working your place name into your domain may be a great idea so that people know you are a local business.

Work out if there are any memorable combinations that would work as a suitable domain name. Try them out with family and friends. Which ones do people prefer? Test how memorable your chosen domain name possibilities are by asking people to recall the names a few days later. Which ones do they remember the most? The most memorable names should make your domain shortlist.

Once you have narrowed down you sample domain names to your favourite three, check to see if these names are available with a .BIZ extension on our handy domain name checker. Remember that your domain name will be representing you around the world, so this is a step that needs some thought.

Once you have settled on a perfect name for your online business, you can register your domain name with us along with your chosen .BIZ extensions name if it is available. You will be able to see what is available and what is already taken in your search results. Should your chosen domain name be unavailable, move on to your second domain name choice and check the availability.

Choose your web hosting

Once you have registered your .BIZ domain name, you can then move on to choosing your web hosting service for your website. If you are unsure about web hosting, or don’t know how hosting services work, see our blog post Definitive Guide To Web Hosting for New Businesses. This will tell you all you need to know about web hosting and help you make the right choice for your business website.

If you need some help to build your new website, Wizz Hosting is here to help! Use our Free Website Builder to set up your brand new website in just a few minute. This service comes free with any of our hosting packages. You can choose from hundreds of beautifully designed templates and you can have as many web pages as you like! With 24 hour live chat, your site is always supported, so even if you have never built a website before, you will be able to have your own beautifully crafted site up and running with very little effort.

Further reading: If you want to know more about the different types of web hosting and their differences, such as cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and more, then check out our article:

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